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 立格移民法律事务所 (Regal Legal Immigration Services), 于内华达州注册,拥有数名专业移民律师及顾问,平均移民工作经验均有至少十年以上。我们擅长家庭类移民和劳工类移民专业,从业数年帮助数以千记的客户达到移民目的。我们的联合律师及顾问团队,以合理的价格、诚恳专业负责的态度实现您的靠岸梦想。 我们深知移民过程中任何一个细小的错误或闪失都可能导致客户往后潜在的麻烦。如有需要,立格移民法律事务所随时为您服务。 如你的移民申请已经进入了进退两难的地步,在你放弃之前,不妨联系立格移民再试一次。

Regal Legal Immigration Services, registered in the State of Nevada, cooperating with several professional immigration attorneys and consultants with an average of at least ten years of immigration experience. We specialize in family- based and employment-based immigration, have helped thousands of clients achieve their immigration dreams over the years. Our team members will help you reach your immigration dream at a reasonable price with a sincere, professional and responsible attitude. We understand that any small mistake or misleadingness in the immigration process can lead to potential problems for the clients. If you need us, Regal Legal Immigration Services is ready to assist you. If your immigration application or petition has reached an unusual complexity, please contact Regal Legal Immigration Services and let us help you try to find the solution before you give up.

Jason Qin

Bill Marvins

Anna Qiao

Wendy Zhou

移民律师: Jason Qin 

内华达大学法学学士,内华达法学院学位,内华达州持牌律师。著名移民律师事务所担任顾问12余年。处理数百起移民案,专精工作类移民。曾成功申请数位社会知名人士及知名科学家。 语言:英语、中文 特点:沉着、冷静、特别擅长撰写移民法律文书以及解决复杂的法律问题

Immigration Attorney:  Jason Qin

Juris Doctor at William S. Boyd School of Law at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, licensed attorney in Nevada. He had been an associate attorney for more than 12 years at a leading immigration law firm in Las Vegas, NV. Attorney Qin has handled hundreds of immigration cases, specializing in employment-based immigration. He has successfully helped numerous prominent members of the society and well-known scientists immigrant to the United States. Languages: English, Chinese Characters: calm and professional, expert in drafting immigration legal documents and troubleshooting complex legal problems.


移民律师: Bill Marvins 

佛罗里达大学法学院,加州持牌律师。立格移民法律事务所联合合伙人,处理移民案件20年。特别擅长处理DACA,西裔移民及家庭类移民。 语言:英语及西班牙语 特点:细致、擅长从细节突破给濒死的案件扭转局面。

Immigration Attorney:  Bil Marvins 

Graduated from University of Florida School of Law, licensed attorney in California. Co-Partner of Regal Legal Immigration Services and has been handling immigration cases for 20 years. Specialized in DACA, Hispanic immigration and family-based immigration. Languages: English and Spanish Characteristics: Meticulous and good at breaking through the details to turn around a dying case.


家庭及庇护类移民资深顾问: Wendy Zhou

 内华达大学刑法学学士,加州著名移民律师行15年工作经验,专精各类家庭移民、婚姻绿卡、内州快速离婚、单方离婚。擅长各种家庭类移民及庇护类案件及相关疑难杂症,例如家暴受害绿卡、短期绿卡转长期绿卡困难等。 语言:英文、中文 特点:办案细心,富有同理心,为委托人着想,多年来深受客户好评。

Family-based and Asylum Senior Consultant:  Wendy Zhou

B.A. in Criminal Justice from University of Nevada, 10 years of experience in California immigration law firm, specializing in all kinds of family-based immigration, marriage green card, contested and uncontested divorce, expert in engaging in family-based immigration and asylum complexities, such as domestic violence and remove conditions on residence Languages: English, Chinese Characteristics: Careful, empathetic, and considerate of clients, highly praised by clients over the years.


家庭及协约国移民顾问资深顾问: Anna Qiao

南加大法学学士,师从全美国TOP3的移民律师3年,从事移民工作12年。专精协约国移民、单独申请十年绿卡、家暴绿卡等。 语言:英文、中文 特点:擅长用深入浅出和精炼的语言为客户解释复杂的法理使其充分理解移民案的难度和流程;高效强大的沟通能力和工作效率;能非常精准的回复移民局的要求及各类上诉而达到移民审批通过目的,多年来深受客户喜欢。

Family-based and Treaty Countries Immigration Senior Consultant:  Anna Qiao

B.A. in Law from USC, 3 years work experiences with Top 3 immigration attorneys in US, 12 years in immigration work. She specializes in treaty countries immigration to the United States, self-petition for 10-year green cards, domestic violence green cards, and etc. Languages: English, Chinese Features: Good at explaining complex legal reasoning in simple and concise language for clients to fully understand the difficulty and process of immigration cases; efficient and strong communication skills and work efficiency; able to respond very accurately to the requirements of the USCIS and various types of appeals to achieve the purpose of immigration approval, which is liked by clients for many years.

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